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s2p to s3p converter

Most network analysers have only two measurement ports, which means that if you have a 3-port network like a balun transformer, directional coupler, SAW filter, circulator etc, you can only make a series of 2-port measurements. Circuit simulators commonly accommodate n-port networks by importation of industry-standard snp (Touchstone®) format files.

For reasons lost in the distant past, the format of s3p (and higher) Touchstone® files can only be described as damned awkward. It is possible to take 3 s2p files and manually manipulate them into an s3p file, but since network analyser-generated files usually have 201, 401 or more frequencies, the likelihood of serious error or unhealthy frustration in manipulating 4 such files is more than 90%, I'd say. s2p to s4p conversion requires 6 input files ([n x (n-1)]/2), and so on.

The utility is provided as an Excel workbook, (a) since this is how it was originally written, and (b) because it gives the user the oportunity to easily edit the output file after conversion to add comments etc. (Comment lines in Touchstone® files must begin with the "!" character and are normally ignored regardless of where they appear in the file.)

Click to download Excel workbook. Note: this contains macros, which must be enabled in Excel.

Download s2p to s3p.xls

If you need s4p or higher files, you can either try to modify the macros yourself, or send us an email with details of what you are trying to do, and we'll try to produce an extended version when time permits. If your need is more urgent than that, let us know anyway - it may be cost-effective to commision it.